Glasgow 2014
Cultural Programme

The Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme is the most ambitious cultural celebration that has ever taken place in Scotland. It played a key part of the Games experience for spectators and visitors of the XX Commonwealth Games, featuring theatre, dance, music, comedy and visual arts.

We created the full creative strategy and look programme in collaboration with Turner Prize nominee Jim Lambie. A wide range of applications were produced and installed across Scotland as well as five live sites across Glasgow.

— Audiences of more than 2.1 million.
— 12,343 events across Scotland.
— 2,520 organisers.
— Involved over 8,400 paid artists.
— 3,136 performances.
— Over 600,000 participants.
— Exhibitions cumulatively ran for 3,600 days.

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“The Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme was the most ambitious nationwide cultural celebration that has ever taken place in Scotland, bringing a national programme of new work by world-leading and emerging Scottish and International artists to communities across the country.”

Fiona Hyslop
Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs